Dreamforce 22

Company: GPJ

Client: Salesforce

Dreamforce 22 was the first time I have been part of an event that felt post covid. DF22 had around 40,000 attendees and a ton of experiences for attendees to seek out. Overall, this was very challenging as we are coming out of Covid. Many issues arouse with time and staffing, but as a team we pulled it off.

I saw oversaw all digital for Campground and a variety of activations in the Lodges and Trailblazer areas. In the end, I was the lead on bringing 11 activations to life with most in a development timeline of 5 weeks. Not recommended, but thanks to a great team we pulled it off!

My overall role included digital strategy, creative concepting, UX, animations, creative producer, creative direction, vendor managment, on-site install, oversight of all digital and creative technology.

The WoW Show

In the 360 area the game show stage was the main event. As attendees came down the escalator they would see a gigantic WoW structure to passthrough. Right behind was a massive screen that housed the game show and what was called the Zack story. These two segments would play one after the other throughout the day. We worked with This Is Grow creating a web app game show with a lively host and fantastic Salesforce experts that spoke about products and services related to gameplay.

This game show was a mix of old TV game shows we all grew up with mostly reflecting Wheel of Fortune. Attendees would get to spin a wheel on a touchscreen in front of them then, get to guess a letter or solve the puzzle. This game also had WoW and HoW moments where attendees got to learn about how Salesforce helps client’s and WoW moments celebrating Salesforce partnerships with one of a kind giveaways.

Solution Finder

solution finder

The Solution Finder is a guided experience helping people find the proper solution for their needs. We worked with our sister agency Wondersauce creating a wrapper to house the already created web app and integrated attendee registration for a better user experience.

We leveraged the QR code on the badge for attendees to scan personalizing sections within the app allowing the attendee to email their personalized results with the tap of a button.

Game of Life

Partnering with Koffecup we created a spin to win exciting experience helping attendees understand how Canada Life can help when major life moments happen. The attendee would approach the bigger than life wheel to take three exciting spins. With each spin, they would learn about how Salesforce and Canada Life work together to help when you need it the most.

There was not only the excitement of spinning the wheel, we embedded a Plinko mini game inside the main game. If an attendee landed on one of two special icons they would get to play a Plinko game where they would land on a dollar amount that then Salesforce would donate to either 1t.org or Junior Achievement, we embedded a mini game.

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