EEG Hacking


EEG (Electroencephalogram) is the way they test the electrical signals in the brain. Mind control has always been interesting to me and not only because I resemble Professor X of the X-Men.

For the Lexus RC F we got to apply this technology to the campaign. Since the new Lexus RC F was the first 8 cylinder engine of it's kind, we wanted to see physiological reaction to driving the all-new Lexus. Using EEG technology we were able to gather real-time data from the drivers mind as well as other data points like heart rate. The test drives showed that the all-new Lexus RC F, is no joke.

Now we are mixing EEG with other technologies, such as, virtual reality (VR). We are taking the EEG data and putting then into a game engine that will work with VR headsets like Oculus and the Vive.

We started by using an EEG toy called the Mindflex. This has a Neurosky chip in it which is used in most EEG headsets. One hurdle we had is the Mindflex headset is bulky and won't work in conjunction with a VR headset. We needed to take out the electronics in the Mindflex headset and make it a stand alone device that will be minimized to two pads that sit on the skull. With this mod we are able to use EEG with a VR headset.