Interactive Holograms


Lexus has sponsored areas inside of various sporting arenas, such as the LA Staples Center, NY Madison Square Garden, and Chicago United Center among others. This is an interesting area for court side ticket holders to visit before, halftime and, after the game.

In these areas are food, drinks, and usually a Lexus installation of some sort. In the Staples Center (where the Clippers play) they had an Xbox set up, tucked away in a corner with no interaction.

Before we jumped right in and started throwing ideas up, we needed to understand what these ticket holders are doing and looking for at these times of the game. This is generally a time where people wanted to grab a bite and head to the bathroom. We needed to make something that could be quickly interacted with and create buzz.

We had been exploring holograms and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to see what we could do in this space. We built various hologram prototypes for the LDA (Lexus Dealership Association) team to interact with at Team One to see the capabilities of interactive holograms. Now installations are in various sporting arenas across the US.