LS Mastery


The 2018 Lexus LS is a vehicle full of handcrafted design features and stories. We held events to highlight these features to Journalists in LA and NYC. The features included the Kiriko cut glass, Andon lantern-inspired interior lighting, art wood ornamentation, and hand pleated upholstery.

At the events, we had UK-based award-winning artist Coco Sato taking journalists on an artistic adventure. Journalists would learn to fold origami in an interactive demo station highlighting features of the vehicle with her craft.

This couldn’t be a true Lexus experience without serving world class dinner and drinks by Carlo Mirarchi, Lexus Culinary Master and co-owner of Blanca and Roberta’s in NY. In LA, Lexus Culinary Masters Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo of Animal, Son of a Gun, Trois Mec, and Petit Trois served a perfect curated menu.

Handcrafted origami went further than our original idea.

Lexus Love Letters photo

These events were a precursor to the art piece created by artist Michael Murphy. This project took customer service letters from Lexus owners and created an origami piece of art. I consulted on the Lexus Love Letters project and have continued to concentrate on Lexus's craftsmanship.

Origami Crane icon Lexus Love Letters

The 2018 Lexus LS shows off extreme craftsmanship and that is what we wanted to replicate. Highlight the features of the vehicle in a creative engaging way.

Origami Cat icon
Origami photo