Company: Paperproto

PAPERPROTO is a Rapid prototyping tool that makes user testing more realistic and organized. We all start with scribbles in a notebook, but this is the next step in a design flow. This tool enables you to iterate quickly and get useful user feedback.

The download consists of a 3D printed phone (iOS and Android models) and a designed fitted paper. After user testing take the findings and turn those findings into a functional document.

We have used this tool many times at Team One and in other projects such as Girls who Code. Team One hosted a UX hackathon event for them. We made a special Girls who Code edition for all the attendees to take with them and continue their user testing.

Paperproto is open source!

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Models can be found at Thingiverse or the PAPERPROTO website. There are many models to choose from including the iPhone 8 to Galaxy Note 8. We are always will to make specific models if there is a demand. Just hit us up!

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Don't have a 3d printer? No biggie, you can download models from Shapeways.

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