PAPERPROTO is a Rapid prototyping tool that makes user testing more realistic and organized. We all start with scribbles in a notebook, but this is the next step in a design flow. This tool enables you to iterate quickly and get useful user feedback.

The download consists of a 3D printed phone (iOS and Android models) and a designed fitted paper. After user testing take the findings and turn those findings into a functional document.

We have used this tool many times at Team One and in other projects such as Girls who Code. Team One hosted a UX hackathon event for them. We made a special Girls who Code edition for all the attendees to take with them and continue their user testing.

This is an open source project that anyone can modify and we are always looking for feedback to improve!

3D model paperproto 8

Models can be found at Thingiverse or the PAPERPROTO website. There are many models to choose from including the iPhone 8 to Galaxy Note 8. We are always will to make specific models if there is a demand. Just hit us up!

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Don't have a 3d printer? No biggie, you can download models from Shapeways.

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