LC 500 Sound booth


The Lexus audio experiment was the perfect way to introduce the Lexus LC to the audience at SEMA. The sound of the LC is in comparison with other high grade performance cars.

As a way to position Lexus as a serious contender in the performance category, this installation was the perfect fit. This gave the car industry audience at SEMA the chance to guess the brand to the sound through a 9.1 surround sound experience.

Our task was to figure out all the technical requirements, how all the different parts were going to work together, and get this idea sold to client in a realistic manner. To do this we built a room to the exact same size as the actual experience inside of Team One. It was a long week of testing and weekend of framing to get it green lighted within seconds.

Our team prototyped the entire sound booth experience, worked with ASV on the build, helped get the idea sold through, and went with the installation at SEMA and the LA Auto Show to make sure everything ran smooth.