LC 500 Sound booth

Company: Team One

Client: Lexus

The Lexus audio experiment was the perfect way to introduce the Lexus LC to the audience at SEMA. The sound of the LC is in comparison with other high-grade performance cars. 

As a way to position Lexus as a serious contender in the performance category, this installation was the perfect fit. This gave the car industry audience at SEMA the chance to guess the brand to the sound through a 9.1 surround sound experience. At first this project started out as a virtual reality project. This time in history everyone is pushing the newest hottest thing, VR. One has to look at what is trying to achieved and pick the best platform for the concept. The Creative Technology team knew that VR was not the best option for this vehicle.

The new LC 500 being in a class of its own we knew we needed to be as realistic as possible. We wanted to show the vehicle without actually showing the vehicle. We stripped away all the senses except sound to have people feel the raw power of the LC 500.

We had to figure out all the technical requirements, how all the different parts were going to work together, and sell the idea to client. To do this we built a room to the exact same size as the actual experience inside of Team One. It was a long week of testing and weekend of framing to get the thumbs up by the client in seconds. 

We went above what we usually do for this project . We were heavily involved in the whole flow of the project from creation to production. We travelled with the experience and gave support to ensure it was done to Lexus standards.

Case study

The LC 500 Sonic Challenge had an extended life span with many brand extensions


This was an experience like no other. At this time everyone was pushing VR but, we knew that isolating senses was the best option. The project went on for an extremely long time. It was being shipped all over the US over a year after the premiere at SEMA.

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This project branched off into many extensions. At events with the trailer we had listening kiosks set up with 7.1 surround sound headphones. These traveled to smaller venues when the trailer was too large. The audio was also inside of select movie theaters. We remastered the audio for their systems to reach as large of an audience possible.

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Soundbooth trailer
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