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Imagine a life where you could understand everything that is being said, but physically can’t communicate back. That is a common occurrence for people who suffer from Autism. The project started with Matt Reamer making a device for his brother Dustin to be able to communicate with his Mom over text messages.

We started with Dustin, but have found others. The cost and functionality of similar devices on the market make devices like these unobtainable for most. Our goal is to get this device into the hands of people that need it.

In 2015 our Indegogo raised enough money for us to figure things out and do the work. With the help of the generous people that donated these devices are cost free for the ones in need. It has been a long road with a lot of bumps, but we are almost to the end.

Dustin's Words is an open source project

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Models can be found at Thingiverse from the link below. At Thingiverse you can find completed models like the final DW version and the older version. Both will work, but the older version is a little easier to print and work with.

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We built Dustin's Word's using a Particle Board. Here you can find all the code for the project. We believe in this product and want to spread the word and get them in the hands of people that need them!

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