Lit IS


The Lit IS is a moving piece of artistic advertising comprised of 41,999 programmable LEDs. I know what you are saying; couldn’t the have fit one more LED to make an even 42,000? Yes, but then you wouldn’t ask that question.

Besides having 41,999 LEDs, the Lit IS also is comprised or 20 microcontrollers, a six 12 volt battery bank in the back seat, and is 175,000 lumens. The Lit IS is a unique form of advertising because it doesn’t seem like a typical form of advertising. The Lit IS really excels in the event space by being a passive mind blowing attraction.

I have been on numerous shoots, events, and held trainings for the vehicle and work with the same LEDs on a weekly basis. We in creative technology work with these LED strips generally called “Neopixels” all the time. These strips are very popular due to the addressable nature of them and ease of use.

We have built many things with Neopixels, such as, a sound reactive prototype to show a small scale version of the sound reactive mode on the Lit IS to one of a kind Neopixel mini Lexus grill. The Lit IS was produced by the production companies TOOL and SPCS. We have continued to work with SCPS on Lit IS and other projects.