Dreamforce 23

Company: GPJ

Client: Salesforce

Dreamforce is one of the largest events in the US creating an entire world full of wonder and learning. GPJ helps Salesforce bring this event to life creating value for the client and more importantly the attendees.

There were many digital touchpoints across the entire event and our team touch all things creative tech, integrating activations into the event tech stack, driving badge scanning into activations and even linking activations together via badge scanning to provide different messages and CTAs based on the attendees

My overall role included managing projects, the team, digital strategy, creative concepting, UX, animations, creative producer, creative direction, vendor managment, on-site install, oversight of all digital and creative technology.


The GPJ Creative Tech team helped bring EinsteinGPT which was a complicated build full of physical inputs, multiple screens and even pen plotters. The experience walked attendees through building an AI prompt for a pen plotter robot to draw a personalized map agenda for attendees based on their selections.

The Journey

The attendee journey started with a badge scan personalizing the experience and providing analytics. They would then turn a large dial choosing their experience with AI. We took them through some instructional information about AI prompt building and what they needed to do to proceed.

To build their prompt we used guitar cable 1/4 jacks beside an embedded display. The prompts were built in a Madlibs style where the attendee would be given a sentance to fill in the blank. They would choose the color coded guitar cable based on what prompt it was and plug it into their desired selection to build their full prompt. In total, there were three guitar cables to plug in.

Once they hit the large physical button to proceed we had animations illustrating that by using Salesforce product their data was secure with a preview of the AI generated map.

The data from their was sent to one of the pen plotting printers. The attendee was guided by a brand ambassitor to the area where they had a discussion while it plotter their custom map.

This activation was a huge success for the attendee to learn about the Saleforce product, drive them to relevant areas in the event based on their selections and rich metrics on AI skill level and interests for Salesforce to follow up on.

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