The Huddles


Team One is an open concept agency and since no one has an office we have meeting rooms called Huddle rooms. These rooms are dedicated for teams to meet in for a brief amount of time. In total we have 33 rooms that can project managers or others schedule meetings in. Since the project managers don't know what rooms are currently open they have to walk down the aisles looking for a room and then update the team on what room they are in.

The Creative Technologist group came up with a way to make this process more effiecient and has made the office as a whole more productive. We created sensors that reside in each Huddle room that detect motion. This motion sensor is attached to an Arduino clone that is capable of sending radio frequecies (RF). This Arduino talks to a Beaglebone Black that runs MQTT. This Beaglebone Black or mini computer is the middle man sending messages to a website.

Everytime a person walks into a huddle room it will update this website in real-time informing anyone what Huddle rooms are open or occupied. The website also hosts the functionality of checking into rooms, Therefore a Project Manager can update the team of what room number they are in.