¡Chingon Pong!

Company: Team One

Pitch: Four Corner Brewery Co

Team One has events called Moonshot where speakers come tell their story. At some of these events we want to do something special that relates to the speaker. This Moonshot we had George Esquivel from Four Corner Brewery Co. in Dallas speak at the new Team One Office.

Four Corner Brewery Co. is special in many ways. One we noticed was their unique personality and innovative cans. These cans don’t open like any old can of beer. They have a pull tab that removes a large opening so you can drink from a can like you were from a mug. I like to think of it as a beer can for adults.

To show how awesome these cans are we made a game that utilizes the large opening. Do you remember beer pong? Well, we made Chingon Pong, beer pong on steroids! This game has 90 cans that a ping pong ball can fall through scoring you points and giving unique interactions with their different flavors.

This build was completed by a very small team inside of Team One within 2 weeks. We had to completely think of how the game would be played, challenging but not too hard, and how we would build it. Not to mention we were building this in LA and then shipping it to Dallas. Therefore, the design of the machine was critical.

Case study

We could not be happier with the results

Four Corners Brewery wants to keep the machine at their brewery for patrons to play. Chingon Pong did exactly what it was supposed to do by opening the door for a conversation.

photo of machine

We hope this was the first project of many for Four Corner Brewery. This installation was very challenging to get done in the 2 weeks we had. I knew we could pull it off, but I don't think my wife will ever forget.

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