Visceral Reality


Giving great experiences for our users is what we strive for and one way to do so is by delivering the most realistic experience possible. The Visceral Reality is the future of simulators in the present. By using technologies such as, VR, ambisonic audio, haptic feedback, intense motion simulation, and a world class driver in the Lexus RC F, we have created an experience, like no other.

Team One and Lexus aren’t in the business of building one off experiences, we create platforms. We worked with the production company SCPS to create an experience that will live far past it’s debut at the Long Beach Grad Prix. With the way this experience is built, we are able to add new footage, motion, VR headsets, peripheral devices (scents, heat…), and branding to create a totally new experience based on the needs of the project.

This motion sim isn’t just a motion sim, but is the first of its kind. Not only can we update this device, we can scale this platform to be in many areas and situations all over the globe. The goal is not to have just one of these but many. Having these experiences at car shows, sporting arenas, live events, and even dealerships to gain brand awareness allows the user to experience vehicles they never have.