Digital Activations

Company: GPJ

Client: IBM

Covid-19 has changed a lot of things and one of those things has been events. The fact that we have been housebound has changed how we can interact and experience brands. As most have become familiar with the term “pivot”, IBM and GPJ pivoted into the digital environment.

Watson Harmonic State

Computer with Harmonic State

Harmonic State is an IBM digital activation that helps break down the complexity of IBM Watson. Artificial intelligence is still not understood by most and is a magical thing. Our goal was to take this complex topic and make is palatable and fun for remote users at digital events.

This activation premiered at the Think 2021 digital event. We worked with Active Theory to bring this idea to life as an interactive game that gets easier as you go along. The reason being, as you work with the Watson technology, the insights Watson locates make data usable and actionable for a business.

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Systems Backbone and Brains

Ripple effect on laptop

IBM Systems is comprised of three brands that needed to be represented equally in this experience. Our concept, Backbone and Brains recognises when people think of hardware and infrastructure they think of rigidness. Systems is not only about the hardware though, they have the expertise. This is the core of IBM Systems and the core of this experience.

This experience launched at Think 2021. We worked with Unit 9 | The Polish Bureau to create a webGL experience that guides users through three interactive stories representing each brand. This experience speaks to how IBM Systems has the Backbone and Brains to help any organization work efficiently as possible.

Featured on: FWA Museaward - B2B

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