About me

As most young boys born in the 80’s I admired comic book superheroes. Well, maybe more than just admired; probably borderline obsessed. My favorite time as a kid was reading comics on the porch with my friends. It was a time where I could fly, jump over a mountain, or develop potions to enhance my abilities.

Like Peter Parker, Boba Fett, and Tony Stark I have been fascinated with technology. I use technology the way it’s intended, to positively impact others lives. Tech blurs the line of what’s possible and makes fantasy a reality. One company utilizing tech for experience design extremely well is Disney. Their parks experience is the best of any company combined with mystifying technology. Now that Disney is the parent company of Marvel and Star Wars I get to see these universes collide.

Marvel and Star Wars are packed full of awesome tech and concepts that give Disney leverage for even better experiences. My goal in life is to take the genres I love and share those with others in unique ways. To take others back to their place of reading comics on the porch.